Robot Kits:
The first  thing to consider when choosing  your robotic kit is whether you want to work with non-programmable  or  programmable kit.

Non-programmable kits: The most basic starter of robotic kits typically non-programmable robots  when choosing a non-programmable kit  start with a simple robot that you are sure you can tackle and then progress  to advance robots. One good example of an easy to use non-programmable kit is the Soccer Jr.robot from OWI Inc.The little plastic Soccer Jr.robot not only performs a task but also offers some human interaction and control. The kit comes with a wired controller that allows it it move in any direction and capture and shoot small soccer balls(well, they are actually ping pong balls). You can even enter it in certain robot competitions.
The Hyper Line Tracker is an intermediate level nonprogrammable robotic kit from OWI Kit. Unlike Soccer Jr.,The Hyper Line Tracker requires no constant human interaction. Instead it performs one pre-programmed task following a line. You get to draw the line,which might be more fun than you think.Line following is not a useless task;many industrial robots that manage warehouses use a similar concept to navigate.
You may be required to  solder  parts  on the  circuit  board connect  wire and   test  connections. Before you  begin  you  should  review  the   kit  and assemble  instructions  to  be   sure   that  the  kit  is  something  you  can  handle.  For purchasing   kits  you  can  check  this  website  www.robotkitsdirect .com

Programmable  Kits
Unlike  non-programmable  kits  that  have  only  one  static  behavior  programmable  kits  give  you  the  ability   to  modify  or  change  behavior.

 The  data  cable  download  method  is  the most  for  todays  programmable  robots.  Many  simple   micro controllers  allow   you  to only  one   programming  language.  A  micro  controller  contains  a  program, memory, and   input  and  outputs  all  in  a  one  chip  package. 

Getting a program into your robot
They are many ways to programmer robot with one simple programmable robotic kit for example,you use a number two pencil to fill in dots on a data card that gives a list of commands(such as turn left,turn right,or go straight). Another robot kit allows you to enter a few commands into an on board keypad. 

Programming Languages:
The more sophisticated your computer, the more programming options you are likely to have. Many simple microcontrollers allow you to use only one programming language such as Basic or Assembly. On the other hand, some robot brains are like a PC computer on wheels.

When you know how to program,you will be well on your way to making robots that do almost anything you want them to do.Great  sources for programmable robot kits include Parallax,Inc.( and the Robot Store( When choosing a preprogrammed robot look for a kit that has few sample or demo programs to save you from having  to develop the entire robot’s program from scratch.

Demo and sample programs:
Many programmable robots come complete with one or more sample programs. The manufacturer will often give you the source code so that you can simply copy the program into your program editing software. Having the source code is a big advantage because you can simply make any needed modifications, rather than start from scratch.

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