Radio shack( is one of the most popular sources for electronics parts. With over 7000 stores nationwide,the convenience of patronizing this retailer simply can't be ignored. However,you'll pay for that convenience. In this section, I tell you about some less expensive parts sou8rces for you to check out.

Come and get your free catalogs!

To build a parts source library,head straight to the Intgernet or the post office to send your requests for catalogs to electronic and hardware p[arts warehourses. Most catalogs are free(and the ones that are not probaly are not worth having).

Check out the advertising section of electronics and hardware magazines for ads from companies that offer free catalogs. You may have to wait patiently bny the mailbox,though,because some catalogs are sent out only four times a years.


Some great electronics and part catalogue companies include Radio Shack (, Mouser (, Marlin P.Jones(   ( and JDR (

Visit these sites and request your free Catalogue.You can also see online catalogues.

Dumpster diving:

Some manufacturer's may hold a gold mine of throwaway electronic parts.However if you take my advice,you will save time,money and potential frustration by going to a reputable supplier.

That said,becareful when you go to your local electronics swap meet. You may finds that some of the treasures that you thought you were getting are dead hardware retrieved from a dumpster.

In addition, don't fill up your garage with parts just for the sake of filling up your garage.Have a need in mind, and dnot buy more than you need. It is better to have to buy an overpriced electronic part once in a while than to stockpile a bunch of parts you will never use.

Some of my best buys have come from buddies at monthly computer or radio swap meets wanting to get rid of their load of trash, which turned out to be my load of treasure. Browse these locations with money in hand and develop good negotiating skills to help add to your bounty.



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