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You can not jump into robot building willy-nilly. You should always take the time to design your robot so you have a roadmap for your journey.In fact, after you have graduated from basic kits,design should be at least  50  percent of the time you devote to building your robot.

Sometimes it is hard to beat a pad of graph paper and  paper and a pencil for coming up with a quick design. But when graph paper fails,you might want to look into purchasing inexpensive computer aided design(CAD) software such as AutoCad Lite or TurboCad. 
You can even find free CAD software, such as Ribbonsoft’s Qcad(, on the Internet. For serious  robot designers, some kind of CAD software is a must.

Warning: If you don't put the time into designing your robot, you'll find yourself constantly going back to the drawing board,wasting valuable time and money. The first and most important tool you should use when building your robot is your brain. 

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  • Mobile Robots:Inspiration to Implementation by Joseph L.Jones,Anita M.Flynn,Bruce A.Seiger(published by A.K.Peters Ltd.) Build your Own Robot! By Karl Lunt(published by A.K.Peters Ltd.) Robot Builder’s Bonanza by Gordon McComb(published by McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics) Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims III(Published by Radio Shack Corp.)

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