This blog is for the dreamer and the robot builder in us all.
In this blog you can get an overview of robotics and the tools,technology and skills you need to become a robot builder.You will discover the various approaches to robot building from scratch or beginner's level.There are links to various websites.For e.g. If you want to buy Robot Kit then you can click link in Robot Kits page and go to that websites.It' simple,just give it a try.
In my blog you can find everything like latest news on Robot Technology,Video lectures to learn robotics,website links for new courses on robotics,Images to entertain you,I have Recommended many books for you in this blog,Website links to purchase Robot Kits,programming language to learn about Robot functioning and lots more.Start Exploring to get maximum benefits.


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  1. very informative.Will surely recommend my friends.The Robot kits you provided link to are awesum...

  2. its nice and keep on working on it. some people taughts that robot dosnt exist.

  3. It really exist and work like humans.You just have to learn to build one.


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About Robotics
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  • Mobile Robots:Inspiration to Implementation by Joseph L.Jones,Anita M.Flynn,Bruce A.Seiger(published by A.K.Peters Ltd.) Build your Own Robot! By Karl Lunt(published by A.K.Peters Ltd.) Robot Builder’s Bonanza by Gordon McComb(published by McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics) Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims III(Published by Radio Shack Corp.)

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Robot technology

Robot technology

Robot Technology


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